Welcome to the Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital

The Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam West provides high quality, patient-oriented care in a multicultural area. Housed in a modern building, the hospital has 550 beds, 2,200 staff members and 120 specialists. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we provide top clinical care to all our patients. Involvement and professionalism are our guiding principles in how we work.


As a patient you are our guest and we make every effort to look after our guests. This applies to both medical care and our service. We take your dietary wishes into account and you can choose from different meals, including kosher, vegetarian and halal. 

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Please see our Facilities web page


In order to give you the best help our staff members must fully understand what you tell them, and it is important that you clearly understand what you are told. There are a number of options:

  • Bilingual staff members: there are staff members in the hospital who are bilingual. They may be able to help.
  • Friends or family: it is always good to have a friend, companion or family member with you who can help with communication.
  • Interpreter via telephone: if there are no friends or family members available who can help, we can arrange for an interpreter via telephone. Please ask a doctor's assistant or nurse for a telephone interpreter. 

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Please see our Language Help web page 

Rights, obligations and complaints

In most cases there will be many staff members involved in your treatment at the Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital. These people will do their best to provide expert treatment and proper care to you.

The most important rights and obligations between care provider and patient are set out in the Medical Treatment Contracts Act ('WGBO'). However, this law is no replacement for the trust that should form the basis of the doctor and patient relationship.

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Please see our Rights and Obligations web page  

Please see our Complaints web page

Medical file

We work continually to provide safe and optimal patient care. In order to provide appropriate treatment, we collect all kinds of details from you, including your address, health status, test results, diagnosis and treatment plans. All these details are safely and carefully stored in your electronic medical file. Copies of correspondence with your family doctor and other care providers are also stored there.

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Please see our Medical File web page

Preparation for an operation 

If you are at the hospital for an operation, you should read the leaflet on Anaesthesia (pain control) below. It gives you information on how to prepare for an operation. Without these preparations some operations cannot take place.

Download the Anaesthesia leaflet in English